We take care of almost all your needs
  1. Consulting
    Process Re-engineering Design and implementation of new processes and redesign of current processes, with the aim of achieving optimum operation of all its areas. Strategy business strategies that redeem you in more customers, more markets, more suppliers, more value to your customers, more value to your product, more profitability to your business and processes. Value Chain We align integral production value chains from their suppliers, internal processes to the end customer, in a reliable and constant communication way for both senses.
  2. Technology
    Software We develop custom integrated systems; our latest generation programming allows our system to share information from a server on the Internet in a secure way. Web We have a shared unlimited hosting with a static IP address to fulfill your needs, we can administrate your site, domain, email addresses, installation of certificates, FTP accounts, SQL Databases, connectors and applications that we can load to your web site space. Security We implement security barriers with blocking keys, SSL certificates (encryption), all within the reach of any type of project.
  3. Maintenance
    Hardware We have service policies (corrective and preventive) and configuration, of all the equipment in the market. Including top lead refurbished equipment for your needs. Networks Development of wired networks (RJ45), wireless (a/g/n/ac), hybrid and virtual private (VPN).
All of our services are provided in English, French and Spanish